High Education has been going through a period of intense transformations, notably, due to the changes provoked by the globalization process that every day is requiring, of higher education institutions, great challenges with regard to educational innovation. In this sense, urges the need of studies and reflections about the higher education in the country and discuss how the national and international institutions have been organizing to face the new trends propitiated by innovations.

For this purpose, it is justified the realization of the 1st International Symposium on Innovation in Higher Education, to be held in São Luís – MA, on June 27, 28 and 29, 2017, with a focus on innovative strategies applied on higher education, with a perspective of creating a space for reflection and debate, with the participation of State, Municipal and Community Universities, through its leaders, professors/researchers and students; as well as Brazilian states representatives, in addition to local and national businesspeople.

The expected audience is made by professionals and public managers who can discuss the issues raised in the round tables; researchers and professors who developed the themes of the symposium; university and postgraduate students with interest in economic, social, cultural, environmental, political and strategy, education and international cooperation areas.

It is estimated an audience of up to 700 people. The composition of the target public will be diverse, since the objective is a dynamic and clear reading of the reality that provides a broad understanding. To facilitate the interaction, conferences of international renowned researchers will be translated.

The program involves a set of topics of great relevance in the field of innovation applied to higher education, involving one grand lecture and six round tables, with the participation of national and international speakers of notorious knowledge. In addition, there will be communication panels with presentations of scientific articles and institutional lectures with cases of success.

It is hoped to include civil society engaged in the struggle for the development of a fair and democratic country, taking as a reference discussions, presentations of studies and results of researches that base the elaboration and executive improvement of policies and practices of innovations applied to higher education in the context of the Brazilian reality.